Systemic constellations in business and organizations


Marketing, as an activity aimed at identifying customers’ needs, planning ways of meeting them and creating new, functions in a complex system of relations. Product or brand, customer target group, the company, competition and even the logo or old customers are the elements of the system that can interact with each other harmonically or create disharmony. This contributes to success, stagnation or collapse of the business venture.

How will customers react to the new product? How will a new logo affect the perception of the company? Is there a chance to expand to other markets? These and other questions are often impossible to answer using conventional analytical methods. Market research, economic analysis, focus groups, surveys, as well as promotion and advertising may be less effective or completely "unsuccessful" because of the hidden factors, which are inaccessible to common analysis. Systemic constellations make it possible to bring the invisible dynamics to light.

Systemic constellations enable instant analysis of the connections between the customer, the company, colleagues, competitors and the broader social background. In case of the process of introducing a new product, change of the target market or planning a new advertising campaign, constellations can radically help to reduce the cost and guarantee the success of the project.

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