Systemic constellations in business and organizations


Systemic constellations developed as a method of solving problems originating in family systems. It soon turned out that the laws discovered by Bert Hellinger function in all human systems. This fact was the starting point for the emergence of ORGANIZATIONAL CONSTELLATIONS. This technique, along with the knowledge of systemic rights, provides a completely new opportunity to improve functioning of organizations and companies.

Systemic constellations also allow managers to obtain precise information on the sources of threats and the possible directions of development, support the assessment of employees and relevance of their positions, highlight hidden causes of problems and suggest ways to solve them.

Organizational constellations enable diagnosis and initiation of changes or testing alternatives. More specifically they:

    Help to revise the existing and find new business strategies
    Support strategic decisions on transformation, expansion or merges
    Ease the effects and enable adaptation to the economic crisis
    Give an opportunity to faster achieve strategic goals
    Allow to eliminate the causes of conflicts in the workplace
    Improve communication in the company
    Identify reasons for decline of the employees’ motivation
    Support structural and personnel changes in the company
    Enable selecting effective marketing strategies and policies
    Help to adjust to the market current needs
    Eliminate obstacles to fruitful negotiations
    Allow an increase in customer interest in the products or services

The largest companies such as IBM, BMW, and Daimler used and benefited from the constellations method. Let us take up the challenge and help YOUR BUSINESS become just as SUCCESSFUL!

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