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Systemic Management


Systemic constellations are a revolutionary tool for helping business and companies. This method allows for quick insight into the processes that were very difficult to analyze before. Systemic constellations show at a glance the causes of conflicts, productivity downturns, sales difficulties, lack of proper collaboration between departments, and much more. Of course, they also suggest solutions.
Systemic constellations developed as a method of solving problems originating in family systems. It soon turned out that the techniques they use as well as the discovered systemic rights apply also to other systems such as organizations and companies. We are talking about hidden and unconscious dynamics, that concern all the employees and the whole departments and substructures of the company. These dynamics contribute either to the efficient operation of the company and its strong anchoring the market, or to internal conflicts, lack of engagement in work, inability to communicate clearly, customers’ reluctance and consequently – failure of the venture.
Thanks to systemic constellations, company owners and managers gain priceless information about the processes that may not yet be visible, but whose effects will be revealed in the nearest future. And this allows for early reactions. This is information about the sources of threats, but also possible development directions. Systemic constellations will support the assessment of employees and the relevance of their positions, developing a strategy and tactics for negotiations, better handling difficult partners or customers.
PLease note: The method we offer is not a general "How to do it" procedure, but a guided intervention aimed at solving a specific problem.


You must have wondered what you can do to make your business function well and bring profit. This is an obvious question for every entrepreneur. You also had to find the answer, otherwise your business would not be there any longer. Can you do more? Yes. Systemic constellations, that we offer, can dramatically increase your understanding of what is going on within the company and its relationships with external entities.

Organizations and companies are complex systems. Not everything that happens inside them is externally visible. Many phenomena occur in an implicit and unconscious manner. Their effect is, however, by all means visible – it is the success or trouble of the company.

The company has its own structure, defined departments, cooperates with external partners and - most importantly - needs clients. It all creates a system. Can you see it as a whole? Systemic constellations make it possible. We can guarantee that you will be surprised how much information you gain. And it will not be an information chaos, but there will be clear guidelines for further actions.

Systemic constellations will also help your employees. They will allow for proper communication and constructive attitudes in the company, not only increasing efficiency, but also comfort and job satisfaction.


Your company does not function in the void. You enter into hundreds of interactions with contractors, subcontractors. Sometimes there appears an associate or you establish a copartnership. All these activities provide a chance for growth and profit. But do they not create threats? It does not even mean that someone turns out to be dishonest. It happens that some people and companies cannot "fit together". Something stands in the way. Can you notice, evaluate and change it? You are often unable to do so. And this is where systemic constellations can be of help. Thanks to them you will see the total dynamics between you and the people you work with. To put it simply: you will receive a "package of information" about whether it is worth associating yourself with the person or company and based on what rules. This knowledge is available and useful, as you will see for yourself.


Are your clients, including prospective ones, waiting for you? Does something "push" them towards your company? The choices of services, products and brands are not at all rational. Some companies "attract" us, and others unfortunately more or less "repel". These internal attitudes of customers are important and do not apply just to the well-known brands. They concern each company and decide on its success. Can you do something to make your business more attractive to customers at this unconscious level? With systemic constellations, you can make your customers more likely to choose your business than your competitor’s.


We are people who work for people. We do not do anything at a push or at the cost of others. By making the changes that we will show you, you will not only make a profit. By giving you a better understanding of what is going on in your company and a greater level of control over your business, your anxiety and stress levels will decrease. The specific side effect of our cooperation can be your development as a human being. Is that not a success?

Are you wondering how all this is possible? When seeking answers, refer to the "Intervention Process" section. Remember: do not focus on the simplicity of the technique, or that it will seem strange or inappropriate to your problems. We assure you and will prove that there is enormous knowledge behind our actions and that they will result in measurable benefits.

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